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Arrives...... Sorry, I'm not available Mystique_XI
(33/F/Island of Cypress)
05/14/1999 09:22 am EDT
Mystique and Champ arrived at the newly finished Keep. It looked great. She dissmounted and went into the front door. She heard noises coming from the "Great Hall". She goes in and sees Saber looking around the room with a strange look on her face. Myst smiles and says..."Hi, I made it. And don't worry, he will love it." With a small giggle she walks over to Saber and gives her friend a hug. She looks around the huge room and looks back at Sabre.."You know we are gonna have to have a real big party when Soul gets back. Can't let a room this size just sit here all empty you know." She laughs at the look on Sabre's face. She has seen that look before. She know's Sabre is planning something big already...
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