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Sabre stood in front.... Sorry, I'm not available Sabre_Wild_Heart
05/13/1999 02:43 am EDT
of the finished keep. She was kinda nervous hoping Soul liked what she and Mys had done behind his back. Soul had talked many times about building his keep, that when Sabre had found his plans, she just couldn't help herself.
Looking around for Mys, Sabre just couldn't wait. Open the doors to the 'Great Hall", she walked around trying to figure out what else she needed. The furnishings were arriving in two days time, The stable was already filling with the best horseflesh she could find. She had hired a man by the name of Jake to run the stables for them.
Sabre just couldn't wait to see the look on Souls face, but just as a safe guard, she was making sure Mys was with them. Smiling to herself,you knew that was just a joke, but then again, Soul had been pretty upset with her a bit lately. Sabre continued to walk around her new home. When she was moving in,she had no idea, but she was sure it would be soon.
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