Erich 'Soulhunter' MacKermak

Soul is 6'5" tall half-elf. The son of an elven woman (who died in childbirth) and a human hunter. Soul spent much of his younger years in the wilds. He ran away from home at age 8 after his father remarried.

He became an accomplished woodsman and tracker, making a living locating lost parties and marauding brigands. After the brutal murder of is wife and unborn child,Soulhunter spent more than 10 years wandering the wastelands.

He recently came to Larylthalian and found himself a new wife. Sabre, his wife, made a presentation of MacKermak Keep as a gift of love. She had the Keep built using money she made from running her Dancing Sabre's Inn and Tavern in the capital city of Thelindira.

Soulhunter regularly wears a kilt, soft boots, and studded leather armor. He carries a Dwarven crafted heavy crossbow capable of accuracy at twice normal distances. He fights using Shades' Doom (an enchanted sabre) and Blood Drinker(an exceptional quality dagger) and a buckler. He is now also a master woodsman.