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Traveling... Sorry, I'm not available Soulhunter_XI
(30/M/The wastelands)
12/20/99 7:25 pm
Soulhunter reigned in his horse shortly after leaving the city of Thelindira. He looked back to his wife, Sabre, carrying there son Colin. They had stopped in the city for a short time to settle any affairs and insure their Inn would be cared for. They then began the journey to their new home, MacKermak Keep, the keep Sabre had recently had constructed on the land granted him. The land was swamp, but nonetheless it was strategically important.

The two horses, along with a pack horse, trotted down the King's Road toward Rivervale. As it neared dark, the terrain began to change. The flat forests gave way to low rolling hills which signalled the edge of the mountains leading to the Highsword Peaks. Soul found a quiet stand of trees and stopped. He immediately dismounted and began to set up camp. "Sabre, can I get you to go for some firewood? Once the fire is set, I'll see what I can get for dinner." Sabre returned quickly and soon a fire was going. Sabre sat near the fire and began feeding their infant son. Soul moved out of the camp and began looking for game. A short time later, he found tracks and sign of deer. A rapid track and he had killed a small deer, which he quickly dressed and carried it back toward the camp.

The snap of a twig alerted him to the presence of others in the area. He hung the carcass in the crotch of a tree and began to stalk the source of the sound. Near the edge of the camp, Soul came up behind two men in ratty clothes and damaged armor. Bandits!! Soul quietly drew a small throwing knife from the top of his boot, but before he could throw, a cry of attack spurred the men to charge into the clearing. Soul let the knife fly and watched one man go down with the point of the knife protruding from his throat. Soul then drew his sabre and ran into the clearing. As he entered the clearing, he saw 8 bandits attacking from various sides and his wife rapidly rising to her feet, her katana already clear of the scabbard.
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