Krysta Longbow

Krysta Longbow

My name is Krysta Longbow. I hail from a small village called Ashidar where I lived with my Grandmother. My story is long and somewhat adventurous. I was a child of 13 when I was forced to leave my home. The others, people I had called friend all my life began to fear me. I became aware that I was not like most my age when I started hearing others thoughts in my head. At first I denied this to myself. When that became impossible I turned to my grandmother who knew just what I was going through.

My life was turned upside down when it was discovered, quite by accident, that I had these powers. Not long after the death of my mother brought everything to the forefront. A mob soon stood before my home. The people yelling for me to come out. Thankfully I was down at the lake with my best friend Elsbeth. As we walked back, the cries were deafening. Fearing for my mother and grandmother I raced homeward.

~ Shivers slightly at the painful memories ~

To make a long story sort, I fled my home never to return. Before long I found myself in many new and wondrous lands. I was also lucky enough to meet some very interesting people.

The first person I met was a very nice lady by the name Tianara Walker. She ran a tavern called ‘The Lost Souls’ in the Kingdom of Ayenee. The tavern a gift to her from her best friend Mystic Rose. It didn’t take us long to become fast friends. She had a way of making you feel welcome even if you didn’t want too. Tia had a drink she named ‘Jetfuel’. No one really knew what was in it, save Tia. One thing I can tell you, one sip of it would knock you on your backside and keep you there.

As the months wore on, she and I became close. This was optimized when her brother, Brandon Stormborn arrived. At first we didn’t really seem to like each other. Fortunately Tia realized that we did, maybe a little too much. Before too long we were joking and laughing, playing tricks on each other. Then the inevitable happened, we fell in love. I had never been that happy since I was a child at home with my grandmother. Brandon made me feel so special.

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