Kiriana Blue

Kiriana Blue

Kiri is a 6'tall Ranger/Hunter/Shapeshifter. With piercing blue eyes and long brown hair. She normally wears deerskins for clothing.

She was raised in the Wastelands from the age of 3 by a village of Elves. She left the Wastelands in search of more human contact as well as learning about new races. She was raised speaking both Elvish and Common.


Kiri has the ability to shapeshift to a white wolf. She is also naturally empathic. She lives by the rules of nature. What nature does not provide, you do not need. She carries a longbow, dagger, a heavy crossbow and a short sword. She is excellent with her bows. She doesn't like to fight but she will if she has too.

Kiri in wolf form.


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