Eldriin Moonstar

Kiriana Blue

Age: 179 (in human years...young for an elf on his own)
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 175
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blonde

Born into the royalty of High Elfs in Moonvale. Eldriin's mother, Eladra, made a bad choice by separating from her elf husband and marrying a woodman ranger who regularly patrolled the forests from Skyvale to Deepglade. Her dishonor affected her children, according to law. At age 7, Eldriin was cast out of Moonvale along with Eladra and the half-elf twins (Elrien and Taurnil) who were the woodman ranger's get.

Eladra's lover did not stay with them for long. He would come around from time to time to be with Eldriin's mother, and to take care of any troubles they might have, but after 20 years, he was gone. Word of mouth from the villages near their home had it that the ranger had died in a fight against an evil orc lord (Eldriin cared so little, that he chose to not even remember the man's name).

Eldriin spent much of his formative years struggling to keep his family alive. Due to the long time away from his kind, Eldriin has lost all memory of the Elfin language, knowledge he intends to regain. 100 years of struggling against orc raiding parties, trying to help his family survive in the dark forest outside Elithian, had finally gotten to him. He was determined to get his rightful place back in the Elfin Hierarchy.

Eldriin had spent the last 52 years seeking out people who could train him. Certain abilities came to him naturally, like tracking, agility, and night-seeing. What he sought was to better his fighting skills - archery, sword fighting - as well as to learn some magic.

52 years of studying brought him much knowledge and many travels through the countryside outside of the Orc Fens. One of his journeys brought him into the middle of a battle with an orc army in Rivervale. This led to his joining up with the Elf Kerinar Darganth and his party. He learned what he could from the older elf, but eventually left his tutelage to return home. Nothing could prepare him for the day he arrived home to find his mother dead - torn limb from limb - the twins, bloody and broken, hanging upside-down from a tree and the house gutted by fire.

His family dead, home in ruins, Eldriin swore to seek out the killers. All the signs pointed to Orcs. His life's oath to rid the land of all Orcs and their half-breed get... or die trying.


Elemental Magic:

Summon Fire (level 5): can light a candle, kindling, bonfire, or make an enemy feel like his skin is burning off. In extreme cases of personal anguish, he can summon fire hot enough to turn stone white-hot and vaporize flesh. This is quite rare, and has happened only once in his life...so far.

Summon Air (Level 7): from light breezes to level F2 tornados that require his diligent attention to control.

Summon Ice (Level 8): can make it 'snow'(for fun or foul play), Worst case scenario, creates swords of ice to rain down upon enemy forces.

General skills:

Tracking, Fletching, Night-seeing (400 feet under moon or starlight, 150-200 feet in cloud or rain). Agility allows him to walk or run through woods unheard. Also, may leap from 5 meters up and land safely, or jump similar distances with a running start (say rooftop to rooftop).


"Nimble Shot" - 30 lb yew longbow; highly accurate, can plunge and arrow through the chest of two orcs from a distance of 50 yards (if they are standing one behind the other). Archery - level 8.

"Flame-edge" – An Elf-forged long sword given to him by his teacher - Fommel of Elorineth. It glows red when orcs are within 1000 feet (so he knows they are near before he can see them at night). Sword-mastery -level 5.

Other Items:

Green Elfin garb w/ stylized embroidery, silver coat of mail, 1 satchel of healing herbs, belt of throwing daggers, a few small gems for trading.

Special Item: Shieldstone- the bearer of the stone will, when its power it invoked, be shielded from the majority of arrow/thrown weapon attacks. It is completely useless against Melee attacks (hence the reason for Eldriin's preference for dealing with combat from a distance). It is believed that arrows enchanted with dark spells can pierce the shield, yet only great necromancers or other evil sorcerers would have access to these spells.


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