Durin Darkbrow

Class: Warrior/Priest; Cousin to the dwarven king
Armor:Breast Plate w/Studded Leather
Weapons: Vorpal Battle Axe (Two-Handed),Shortsword, Various Daggers
Hobbies: Healing poor fools/Slaying dumb orcs
Ht: 4ft 2in
Wt: 246lbs
Hair: Dark brown

Gruff and surly (till ya get to know him, then he's just surly) Raised in the royal family and trained as a warrior/priest, Durin spent his younger years on the Borderlands fighting in the orc wars. Returning home after thirty years of fighting he found nothing but family (political) infighting and left disgusted. Wandering the realms looking for orcs and other evil to slay and people to heal has kept him busy for the last five years.

Abilities/Spells: A specialist in most forms of combat. Exceptional healing skills. Mountain and wilderness survivor skills. Healing/herbalism, blind-fighting
Read/write: common, dwarvish, elvish (common)
Speak: common, dwarvish, elvish, orcish and goblin.
Spells: 1st: Light, Command, Detect
2nd: Charm, Warp wood, Heat metal
3rd: Cure, Dispel, Hold
4th: Call woodland beings, Free action, Tongues
5th: Flame strike, Wall of fire, Control winds
6th: Heal, Conjure elemental, Blade barrier
7th: Fire storm, Wind walk, Resurrection


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