Darien MacKermac


My name is Darien MacKermac, cousin and loyal subject of Erich MacKermak, Lord of the Keep. I grew up in Glenforth, far to the northeast, where I had an average childhood; wrestling, fighting, running through the fields, the usual. I knew I didn't want to stay though.

By thirteen I had developed a severe case of wanderlust, always pushing the limits of my travels around the glen. At fifteen, I accompanied the "army" of Lord Cerwin. Army is perhaps too strong a word, there were less than 100 fighters in the band. We spent the summer raiding and fighting with the neighboring clans. I answered the call every year afterward. It was the perfect opportunity to see the world.

On my fourth campaign, we ran into someone we couldn't beat. The clan to our south had a skilled army and we suffered a crushing loss. I was separated from the body of the army, half-blind from a dart, and wandering the woodlands trying to avoid running into the other clan's warriors. Since I couldn't get around them, I went the only direction I could go, further south. I looted what weapons and armor I could find and ended up wandering the realm of Larythalion.

I spent years as a sword for hire in the various conflicts of the region, never really desiring to return to my home. One day, I heard a familiar name, mine, but it was not me the people spoke of. A man known as Soulhunter had set up a castle in the swamp and was gathering warriors. His given name was Erich MacKermak and I went to sign on. He recognized my name, and I was warmly welcomed. My current place as a Sergeant of the Household Guard suits me well. I may someday begin to travel with the Red Lions, the Lord's Free Company, but for now I am content to watch over his family while he is away. I have sworn my sword to his service and the defense of his family, and my oath is all I have. I will uphold that oath.