Keep Blueprints

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Ground Level entry to the Keep is along a causeway to the outwork. Then across a drawbridge to the barbican, or outer guard tower. A second drawbridge seperates the barbican fromt he main Keep. Towers on both sides of the entrance are capable of firing on anyone attempting to force their way in. Once past the towers, a visitor enters the Bailey. A grassy courtyard which houses the barn, stables, and kennel. Also found in the Baily are quarters for grooms and the smithy. The well provides fresh water for the Keep.

To the right of the Bailey is the entrance to the Keep itself. Persons in the short hallway may be fired upon by guards using arrow slits hidden in the walls. The second door opens on a court which is open to the upper levels. Once into the storage area, visitors must climb the stairs to the third level to gain access to the remainder of the Keep. The only areas accessible without climbing the stairs are the cellars, wine cellar and storage. The ground floor also houses the armory, dungeon, training and guard rooms.

1st Level above ground of the main towers, provides defense for the gate with arrow slits and the winch controlling the portcullis. The gate defense tower allows guards to fire into the Bailey and open court. The hallway outside also has firing ports and a murder hole which allows guards to fire on or pour oil on attackers in the hall below. Adjacent to the hallway is the barracks, which houses the guard force with the Captain of the Guard, Morgan Blackfist, having his own room.

The Keep kitchen is also on this level. Along with cooks' quarters, more storage space, and the ale house. The sink is fed by the cistern which gathers and stores rain water. Elmina, the fiery halfling cook, has total control in this area. The kitchen staff has access to the Great Hall by means of the stairwell.

2nd Level contains the Great Hall where Soulhunter holds court. Any major gathering is conducted here. The Chapel is located in the front tower. Garavar, a human male, is the resident priest. A priest of Tyr, the God of Justice. He is a trusted counselor of Soulhunter. All servants of the Keep are housed on this level as well as two guest rooms, which are kept ready at all times.

One room is set aside for Mystique, the Amazon warrior who has become friend and protector of the family. The room is decorated in a style to help her remember her homeland.

3rd Level has the balcony of the Great Hall, the dominant object on this level. The balcony gives an unobstructed view of the hall except the raised portion where the Lord and Lady sit. The stairs from the ground floor open onto a large area outside the balcony. The East Tower allows access to the wall walk along the open court. The two other towers are normally unused but may be converted to living space or a guest room.

4th Level houses Danagar, the Steward for the Keep. His suite is on this level. This location keeps him in easy access to the Keep's Lord. Beralyn, Master Colin's nursemaid, and several handmaidens live in the chamber beside the Steward.

5th Level is where the Lord's study is located. This is where Soulhunter handles the important business of the Land. He also holds his councils with the Red Lions, the soldiers which have pledged their loyalty to Soulhunter.

6th Level is the Lord's suite. I occupies the entire level. The sitting room is comfortably decorated to allow Soul and Sabre to relax after day's end. The sleeping chamber and nursery are well insulated to insure the rooms stay warm even in the coldest weather.

7th and 8th Levels are the Keep's roof, which is accessible only from the small spiral stairway. And the top of the stairway. The roof is equiped for defenders to fight from. The top of the stairway is useable only as a lookout point.

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