I am basing this character off of the Dragonlance Halflings, like Tas, and not like the Tolkein Hobbit Halflings.*~*

Name:Adella Bell
Age:47 years old
Height:2 3/4 feet tall
Eye Color:Blue
Hair:Short, blondish white

An odd child at best, Adella was never quite normal. An adventurous, odd spirit, her parents always found her hopping around, always playing, and always improvising new ways to play. Her parents never even thought her odd fascination with flying odd, that was, until she took it to mind to create her own wings, and has never been seen without them since. When she cut her hair, that was when her parents started worrying over her. Her hair had been a beautiful, long shimmering blonde, and then she cut it.

Deciding it was high time they did something, they started trying to tame their child, to no avail. She began digging up odd assortments of clothes, and came up with three red and white striped stockings, two of which she wore, but the third she claimed was actually a cap! Shaking their heads, they were very much scandalized when she brought out a deep, frayed blue shift like dress, and banded it around herself with a fine girdle that had been a birthday present.

Perfectly happy in anything her parents tried to do to her, she soon revolted when her parents tried to lock her away since she would not comply to their wishes that she become a young lady. So, donning her cap, and making a bundle of her cloke with her pan pipes inside with her shoes, she crept out of the window.

It is thought that she must have taken off her wings when she did this because she most certainly could not have fit through the window otherwise. Merrily setting off in search of this fabled adventure that every person is suppose to find.

She was often mistaken for a child. Unknowingly taking advantage of this, she would inspect people's belongings, and sometimes forget to give it back, so she called it borrowing. No matter, she would return it soon!


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